Inventory and Search Engine are now an integrated mechanism composed of two complementing parts, which makes the process of sale fast and efficient. Our inventory is not just about sale, delivery and products. Glasson makes it also easy for you to check details of invoices and dates, and you are only one click away from the contact details of your suppliers and representatives! You don’t have to worry about keeping order on the shelves anymore.

Inventory that the clients have been longing for is finally available!

Your whole optical collection and access to a massive library of lenses are at hand all the time. Your lenses for eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses and accessories in one catalogue – you have all here, put in order according to their categories. This is the first inventory which memorizes things for you and collects clients’ contact details, and all of that is integrated with the lens search engine.

  • 1 Starting with the search engine and ending up here

    Whatever you wish to sell – you will sell. And this is much easier than you think. It doesn’t matter for us whether you are selling a lens found by the search engine or the one that you already have in stock. Our inventory offers you full flexibility to sell whatever and however you wish. After all, Glasson has been designed especially for you.

  • 2 Flexible sale

    Sale cannot be constrained by anything – this is about freedom of choice and clarity. With us, you will build up your client’s order just like with Lego bricks, starting with the lenses, then adding frames, and finally choosing the service. Flexibility offers you a possibility of editing prices, adding a discount, or changing the VAT rate. We know that you are the specialist, and you know best, so the final decision is always yours.

  • 3 The devil is in the details

    Have you ever been in a situation when a client brought glasses to file a complaint, and the frame number was illegible? And what about clients who come after some time and would like lenses with the same optical power and coating as before? Carefully collected information on the sale and combining it with the client’s contact details is the foundation of a well-run business. Thanks to Glasson, nothing will take you by surprise as it remembers everything for you. Take your client service to the next level where no one else has ventured before.

  • 4 Financial information

    Having reached the halfway stage of selling process, you define all the financial information – including the discount, deducting the refund, and indicating the deposit paid. Thus, you already know how much exactly your client will have to pay when they come to collect the glasses. All of this happens as a result of perfect harmony, simplicity and internal flow of information. Glasson is a complete tool making the optician’s daily tasks easy and simple. Together with our system, you will create a tandem of amazing capabilities.

You haven’t even seen it coming – the problem of manually written envelopes is a thing of the past.

Printed envelopes solve once and for all the hassle of manually rewriting the same information time after time. Now, you may print out an envelope on your own on any printer, using the pre-prepared templates. It will contain all the information needed to complete the work given, and a receipt with the order number ready to tear off for the client. Never before has a new order been so nice to take.

Inventory in the cloud

Enjoy the unlimited access to the application always when you need it, irrespective of the place or device. If you have access to the Internet on your device, it means that you have your business under control. Glasson offers you virtually everything that you need in one simple package.

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