Inventory adapted to your needs

In Glasson, you have access to your optical collection and a complete catalogue of lenses. Eyeglass lenses, frames, contact lenses and accessories - all in one place. Group them into categories for easier browsing and keep an eye on your inventory at any time.

  • 1 Search options

    You can use the Search in Glasson to search for the lenses your client is looking for or go straight to your inventory, whatever works for you. Glasson will help along the way to facilitate the sale process.

  • 2 Flexible sale

    The sale process offers full flexibility - first you search for lenses, then add frames and at the end, select additional services. Throughout the process, you can edit princess, add a discount or change the tax rate. We just want to make it easier.

  • 3 Details matter

    Things happen and sometimes clients need your support. Collect all important information about their past purchases in Glasson and use it when needed. Show clients that they can count on you to build trust.

  • 4 Financial information

    In the sale process, you can add information about discounts, refunds and prepayments. All of the data is then stored in Glasson and integrated into other parts of the app. To help you work smarter.

A little extra to save your time

With Glasson, you no longer have to address envelopes by hand. Now you can print them out directly from Glasson, using available templates. All information that you need will already be there as well as a receipt to attach to your package. Save time every step of the way.

Cloud-based inventory

Enjoy unlimited access to the app anytime and from any place. All you need is a device with internet access. One simple tool to streamline your daily work.

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