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When opticians get involved in the process of creating a software, they start to work magic. The system suddenly begins to fully meet the expectations of the most demanding professionals. Use the knowledge that so far has been shared only among a small group of lens manufacturers, now made available also in your store. Tedious searching the catalogues for the lenses has now become a thing of the past.

Inspiring numbers

We have asked our focus group of opticians, optometrists and doctors many questions. First of all, we have asked them how we could help them in their daily work. Their answers have become an inspiration for our next steps. We have found out that…

74% of opticians admit that looking for lenses in the catalogues is time-consuming and quite often very difficult
more than 45% of opticians bear losses due to the fact that they can’t compare the prices of lenses

Less is often more

When there are a lot of search results, it may seem impossible to select an ideal lens in a short time, but we have found a way. We have divided the search process into two parts. In the first one, you indicate the optical power, while in the second one, you filter the lenses by specifying the parameters. This will ensure an easy and quick way of finding only the right lenses. Start using the search engine today by activating a free trial period. Start using the search engine today by activating a free trial period.


  • Indicate the index and match PHI

    The process of precise selection needs to start with specifying the physical details of the lens, that is its diameter and thickness. You may provide more than one value – we know how important it has been for opticians to be able to search ranges of values. Such an approach ensures an always successful and at the same time fabulously easy and pleasant search.

  • This is not the end of its merits…

    Topping it all off, when you already have the right index and PHI, you may limit the number of potential lenses, choosing the preferred material and the coating available. At this point, the choice becomes as easy as ABC – after all, Glasson is a well-rounded product, designed with great care and attention to detail.

  • 4 Selling the lens

    The last step in the lens selection process is at the same time the first step in its sale. You don’t have to copy the data from the catalogue any more, investing the time saved in improving the level of your client service. Glasson offers you everything that you expect from a modern system to run your business, and so much more and of so much better quality.

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