Our aim here was simple - to make the search process as easy and quick as possible. And give you more time for what you do best - helping your clients. A group of our trusted specialists helped us design a most intuitive search process and fully meet the expectations of users. Let’s make tedious searching in catalogues a thing of the past together.

Data-driven ideas

We have interviewed a focus group of opticians, optometrists and doctors to find out how we could help them in their daily work. Their answers were a huge inspiration for us and gave us an idea of the direction we should take. We have found out that… We have found out that…

74% of opticians admit that looking for lenses in catalogues is time-consuming and often very difficult
more than 45% of opticians noticed they lose money because they can’t compare the prices of lenses

Less is more

To make the selection easy even if there are a lot of search results, we have divided the process into two parts. First you choose the optical power and then specify the parameters to filter the lenses. Quick and easy. The results you get are precise which helps find the lenses you’re looking for. Start your free trial today and try it out yourself.


  • Indicate the index and match PHI

    For precise selection, start from specifying the physical details of the lens - its diameter and thickness. You can provide more than one value and search ranges of values. It makes the search process easy and successful every time.

  • Select material and coating

    Once you have the right index and PHI, you can limit the search results further. Now choose the preferred material and coating. We’ve taken care of every detail of the search process.

  • 4 Complete sale

    That’s it - in the next step, you can complete your sale. No need to spend time copying details from the catalogue. Now you can spend more time with your clients instead.

7-day free trial

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