Do you know that the number of active mobile numbers around the world has exceeded 6 billion?! This is a huge number and an amazingly fast and efficient information channel. Send text messages directly from the template without bothering with entering the text. Glasson is a fully comprehensive software based on a coherent idea and joint vision of the product that is ideally adapted to suit the optician’s needs.

Clients like to know...

Forgetting about this one detail may cost you a lot. Why would you take that risk and put your clients’ trust and loyalty on the line only because you keep forgetting to get in touch? Change your old habits and start taking care of your clients. Don’t let them feel ill-informed. Glasson is a tool designed for communication with the clients of your practice.

85% For 85% of clients, a text message reminding them to collect their eyeglasses is helpful
75% The sale and clients’ engagement has increased by even 75% in the practices which have been using text messages to contact their clients
  • A good idea for…

    A good idea for…the first promotion campaign of your business. Now, you have a tool with which you can send a bulk message to all your clients with information about a discount on a service or products. This is easier than you think. Glasson has been born of close cooperation with the best specialists in the opticians’ industry, and we know that such a feature has been missing on the market.

  • Wireless World

    Use the fact that the great majority of your clients have a mobile phone on them all the time, so you just need a few ideas to get in touch, and voila. Keep your clients updated, inform them about the day of a free eye-test, send them wishes and grant a discount on their birthday, celebrate the Women’s, Grandma’s and Father’s Day. There are plenty of occasions, and such actions do really help to build the relationship – the clients will not forget about you. Takie działania przyczyniają się do budowania relacji, klienci o Tobie nie zapomną.

  • Text message templates

    We know that apart from personalized messages where only one person can be the addressee, there is a large portion of messages which may be worded in the same way for everyone. Stop the mundane work of writing texts informing of the need to collect one’s glasses or have one’s eyes tested. Use the templates which you may define earlier yourself and enjoy messaging which is now easier than ever before.

  • Aim directly for the target

    The system itself tells you which clients have been waiting for the glasses, and with one click you can send them a message. The system of communication in Glasson has been designed in such a way so as to work beautifully and look just as good. Developing the concept of the state-of-the-art software, we have raised the standard very high, offering you a well-rounded tool to run a modern business. We believe that together we can make your work a sheer pleasure.

Use bulk messaging

Mass text messaging is a great tool which ensures sending your messages fast and directly to the addressee. Well-designed communication improves the sales and makes your brand more recognizable.

SMS Premium

From $0,10
With sender name enabled, the recipient will see your company name instead of a phone number.
  • Delivery of a message in less than 1 minute
  • The recipient will not be able to reply to a message
  • It is possible to order an individual number

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