Keep clients in the loop

Good customer service and communication is key to keeping your clients loyal. Show them you care about them with appointment reminders and encourage them to come back by offering discounts and informing about new offers.

85% of clients find it helpful to receive a text message reminding them to collect their eyeglasses
75% increase in client engagement can be noticed if clients are contacted via text messages
  • Marketing campaigns

    Use communication options available in Glasson to promote your business and keep clients coming back. You don’t need any special skills to start your first marketing campaign and then…keep going! Offer discounts, let clients know about special occasions and celebrate holidays. No additional tools needed.

  • All about mobile phones

    In the fast-paced world of today, you really need to stand out to get noticed. And since most of your clients take their mobile phones everywhere they go, why not use this opportunity? Don’t let them forget about you and send a text message every now and then - there are plenty of reasons. Glasson makes it easier than ever.

  • Message templates

    Work smarter - keep your communication with clients automated and don’t lose time. Use text message and email templates to prepare your messages and send them out to a group of clients at once. It’s that simple.

  • Your personal assistant

    Glasson will inform you about orders that are ready to pick up and facilitate getting in touch with the client to let them know. Let us help you keep everything under control and focus on what’s important.

Bulk messaging

Save time and send messages in bulk. A good communication plan can improve the sales results and increase brand awareness.

SMS Premium

From $0,10
With sender name enabled, the recipient will see your company name instead of a phone number.
  • Delivery of a message in less than 1 minute
  • The recipient will not be able to reply to a message
  • It is possible to order an individual number

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