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net per month
Basic package
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Products in stock
  • 1 emoloyee
  • Sales
  • Orders
  • Statisctics
  • Email contact
net per month
mostly chosen package
  • Search engine of eyeglass lenses
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Products in stock
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • SMS / email contact
  • 100 SMS included in the price
  • Invoices
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Orders and Sales
  • Office
Chain of showrooms
Individual price offer
Personalized offer
  • Managing a chain of stores
  • Search engine of eyeglass lenses
  • Shared database of clients
  • Products in stock
  • Unlimited number of employees
  • SMS / email contact
  • Up to 1000 SMS included in the price
  • Invoices
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Orders and Sales
  • Office
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Database of lenses Database of lenses


From $xx/mo. Choose this plan


From $xx/mo. Choose this plan

Chain of showrooms

Individual price offer Choose this plan
Access to the database of lenses
Possibility of filtering results
Zawsze aktualne katalogi
Sale of lenses found by the search engine
Types of progressive lenses
Client database Client database
Number of clients in the database unlimited unlimited unlimited
Filtering the client database
Purchase history unlimited unlimited unlimited
Possibility of attaching files
Contact history
List of appointments
Contact Contact
Sending SMS messages
SMS subscription 100 Up to 1000
SMS message price not covered by the subscription $0,10 $0,10
SMS message templates
Sending emails
Email templates
Stock, Orders and Administrationa Stock, Orders and Administrationa
Product database
Service database
Status of the orders
Printing envelopes
Number of administrators 1 unlimited unlimited
Employees 1 unlimited unlimited
Employee authorisation
Supplier database
Manufacturer database
VAT invoices
Chain of stores
Periodic statistics and reports Periodic statistics and reports
Cash amount
Cash transaction history
Information on pending orders
Information on refunds and prepayments
Total amount of lens sales
Total amount of frame sales
Total amount of service sales
Revenues, Expenditures, Income
Top 10 highest sales
Most frequently sold products
Daily report
Stock balance report
General periodic report
Detailed order report
Ordered lens report
Detailles sales report
Employee report
Office Office
Appointment calendar
Appointment history
SMS appointment reminder
Patient interview
Anterior segment of the eye
Inner segment of the eye
Recommendation for vision correction
Assistance and technical support Assistance and technical support
On-the-phone training
Software consistent with the Data Protection Act
Email support of the business consultant


How to gain access to the lens database?

After you have opened a trial account and have typed in the data of your store, they will undergo a verification process. If all the data prove correct, 12 hours after opening the account you will be granted access to the lens database. You will also be informed of the successful verification of your account via email

3-month or a year plan?

Apart from the length of time, the only difference is the price. If you sign a contract for a year, your monthly invoice amount will be lower and after a year, the contract will become extended for an indefinite period of time. If you choose the 3-month package, the contract will become extended for an indefinite period of time after 90 days, with the one-month notice period.

Where are my data stored?

Glasson uses tried and tested solutions, and for your comfort and security, we use the service of the leader in cloud computing. We guarantee that apart from you no one else has physical access to the data and the files are incomparably better protected and secured against deletion than those which you keep on your own computer.

How does the 7-day trial version work?

After the successful verification of your data, you are granted free 7-day unlimited access to the whole application. We would like to give you time to make your own decision, bearing in mind our main goal, which is work optimisation. You may open a trial account free of charge and with no strings attached. After 7 days, you may decide whether Glasson has made your work any easier and whether you can still see your business without our virtual assistant.

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