When we started designing the Office, we knew that the process of eye examination should be as easy, fast and intuitive as possible. At the same time, it was extremely important for us to meet the needs of doctors and optometrists, who require a very precise and complete diagnostic form. Reconciling these contradictions seemed extremely difficult at first, but we have made it.

8 diagnostic steps

You are free to leave the fields in the form blank, introducing an individual set of parameters to create your examination.

How to start the examination?

  • Click the calendar

    We start the examination by clicking the calendar. From now on all the information will be available in a clear planner in the cloud. This means unlimited access to the visits and the whole system on many devices at the same time, from any place in the world. Only with Glasson your dreams come true!

  • Add an appointment

    After clicking the calendar, the only thing that you need to do is fill it in with literally a few necessary pieces of information concerning the appointment planned. Choose an employee to carry out the eye test, then select the patient from the list and pick the service. Having clicked the planned appointment again, we can make the eye examination. It’s high time you began to use the tool which will take your business into the future.

  • Glasson leaves you hints

    You will find hints at many stages of the examination. You don’t need to enter the same phrases time and time again; it’s enough to click the hint and the field will be completed with the option chosen. We have even made sure that pauses and commas between the subsequent hints are added automatically. All of that makes the process of clicking through the form of examination report even faster.

  • Intuitive creator

    The creator makes it possible for you to immediately move to the fragment of examination that interests you most, leaving the rest blank. While filling in the form, you will see that the majority of fields are multiple choice fields where you are only supposed to mark the options of your choice, which in fact eliminates the risk of making mistakes.

  • Choose the right glasses with our search engine

    Having completed the eye examination, you are only one step away from choosing the right lenses by means of the search engine. You don’t need to rewrite anything as the system will enter the right values in the search engine by itself. Choosing the perfect lenses which will meet the client’s needs and expectations has just become even easier.

What marks the Glasson office out?

It’s very simple and intuitive. The process of making new appointments is incredibly fast, and getting through all the examination stages, smooth. You will not come across any limitations as it’s only you who decides which stages and fields in the form are important and which will provide the basis of your examination. At the end of the process, you may print out the summary of the examination and select appropriate lenses. Our office will take the quality of examination to the higher, hitherto inaccessible level.

Take your business into the future

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