Professionals appreciate the quality, and when they asked us for a comprehensive software to use in their modern practices, we went for the full monty. And then we pushed it even more. And amazingly, we have managed to fit the most important features in a simple interface. You don’t need to have any IT knowledge anymore and you don’t need to set anything up, as all works fine from the very first moment of its activation.

Forecast your future

67% of the stores do not collect their clients’ sales data
81% of clients admit that they base their purchase decisions on the level of client service

What is a database?

  • Ambassadors for your business

    Treat your clients as your brand ambassadors. Just think how many new clients have come to you at the suggestion of those who have visited you before. Start taking care of the relationships. Get to know your clients and remember what they have bought and what they like so that they can feel special. We can assure you that it really works.

  • Interconnections

    We do believe that using a software should be a great experience, and to ensure that, we need a friendly and useful interface. While designing the application, we thought it all out from scratch, carefully hiding the advanced mechanisms which work backstage. So, sometimes you may even have an impression that this is the software who does all the thinking for you, checking and connecting the most important information; and all of that is just for your comfort and safety.

  • Identify your clients

    Clients vary, but surely you must have met at least one who needed more of your attention, was fussy or more demanding. Glasson offers you a possibility of intuitive labelling of the client with a note attached to the client card so that in the future you could prepare for the meeting or at least avoid making mistakes when attending to that client again.

How to use the database?

  • A simple form, enormous potential

    Bid a farewell to manually registered information about the clients and keep all the data in a safe place. We remember that you are the only owner of the data entered in the system – we only ensure that you have permanent access to them, taking care of their structure and safety.

  • Files at hand

    Has it ever happened to you that having lost their favourite glasses, the client came to you to buy new ones and was trying hard to explain what pair he was after? This might be an awkward situation for both sides, but there is an easy way out. Take a photo of your finished work and upload it to the online storage so that never again will you have a similar problem. Make sure that all your work is well documented in one place, and your clients will appreciate it too.

  • Build trust

    You can’t buy your client’s trust, but you may build it. Satisfied clients not only are more eager to spend money in your store, but are also more willing to recommend it to others. Controlling the appropriate rhythm of communication with clients is an easy way to foster good relations with them. We are convinced that our software will change your business for the better.

Always the newest updates. Free of charge

Due to cloud computing, you can be sure that the published version of Glasson is always the most updated one. The engine itself will download the newest version of the application from the server, displaying it on your screen. Thanks to that, you will never miss any new features which we have prepared for you.

Are you still not sure whether Glasson is right for you?

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