Glasson Statistics is a real centre of information on your Business, provided in a simple and straightforward way. Figures and diagrams have been grouped into sections which ensure that it will literally take only a few seconds to check what is happening in your store at any given moment. The statistical data are complemented by reports on sales, orders, employees, amount of stock and daily reports.

  • Cash till

    Have you ever been in a situation when you were forced to immediately pay in cash with the money from the cash till? We have come up with an idea how to easily keep track of the amount of cash in the till. Now, you may attach a note to each operation, which means that you may bid farewell to the yellow post-it notes stuck to your computer screen. Additionally, we also offer you an insight into the record of transactions and money circulation in your store.

What is to be found in the stats?

  • Pending orders

    How many pending orders do you currently have? How much are they all worth? How many prepayments for the orders have already been taken and how many still need to made by the clients when collecting the glasses? Using Glasson, you have all this information within reach. Due to easy access to the data, you know so much more about the condition of your business.

  • Periodical statistics

    All the data presented in the statistics may be viewed in any time ranges. To ensure the comfort of use, we have defined several ready time ranges, enabling even better comparison and analysis of the chosen parameters within a given time. Still, you may always analyse the data in the period chosen and defined by yourself.

  • Sale under control

    The sales results constitute the basic parameter which is incredibly important for every owner of an optical store. We have made sure that Glasson is equipped with the best diagram possible for you to read these data. Animated and full of details, the diagram thoroughly depicts the situation of your business, allowing you to check the detailed figures recorded on particular days, or even at a particular time.

Let the numbers speak

To demonstrate the figures even better, all important parameters presented in a numerical form have been enriched with diagrams.

  • Finances in a nutshell

    In order to facilitate monitoring of the financial condition of optical stores, we have created a box presenting your finances, where you can check your earnings and costs in any given period. Using these data, we can estimate the level of the income in your store.

  • Start using

    Nothing will surprise you. The sales data are presented also in the form of qualitative study where one may clearly see which values and to what extent have contributed to the overall amount of sales. This will make it possible for you to find answers to such questions as: How many frames did I sell in the last quarter and how often does it happen that apart from the glasses the client also buys some accessories?

  • Top 10 sales

    The top 10 sales should serve as your source of knowledge and inspiration. It is here where you will find out which of the products you sell are the most popular and which of your clients have made the biggest purchase. Such knowledge will enable you to build a totally new promotion strategy for your business.

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