• Cash registers

    No more post-it notes and notebooks to keep track of daily spendings. With the cash registers feature available in Glasson, you can register cash inflows and outflows throughout the day to monitor cash flow and get insights into daily transactions.

Analyse your stats

  • Pending orders

    Check your pending orders and their value and keep prepayments under control. You can do it all from one section in Glasson.

  • Stats per period

    Select the time range for your reports and monitor the revenue. You can choose from a few available periods or analyse your data based on a custom range.

  • Sales reports

    Analyse your sales reports to make data-driven decisions and shape the future of your business. Data available in Glasson is detailed but presented in a friendly way to make sure everyone can read it.

Look at the numbers

All important parameters are presented in a numerical form as well as on diagrams.

  • Financial performance

    To help you monitor your financial performance, we’ve put together a summary of all your earnings and costs. Now you can have a look at the data even when you’re busy. For more accurate results, you can select the most convenient time range.

  • Convenient format

    Check actual amounts or have a look at a visual graph, depending on your needs and preferences. All the tools we make available for you will help you plan ahead and make sure you have everything under control.

  • Top 10 sales

    Find out which products are the most popular and check which clients have made the biggest purchase. The information may be a source of inspiration for your marketing campaigns or business strategy.

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