• Data security

    You no longer have to store files on your device and risk losing important data. Glasson is a cloud-based system - all data is saved in real time and you have access to it on any device with internet access. Convenient and secure.

  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act

    We made sure that only authorised users can have access to data stored on your account. Safety and protection against loss or theft are very important to us. The system is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.

  • Manage chain stores

    Good news – Glasson can also help you manage a chain of stores, all from one account. All stores within a chain share the same client base and product inventory. You can easily transfer products between locations and access stock levels in each one.

System is constantly changing

These are our users who create Glasson and thanks to them the system contains all the features that make it easier to manage your optical store and help us to make it even better. Our mission is to provide the best system for managing the optical store.

  • Staff permission levels

    Glasson offers a range of different permission levels, so you can be sure your staff members have access to the data they need and nothing more. You can assign permission levels based on your needs and preferences.

  • Service list

    Create your digital service list - add names, set prices and tax rates, adjust duration. You can add them to orders to provide comprehensive care for your clients. The list will be integrated with other sections in the app.

  • Technical support

    You can count on our technical support! We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you with the setup. You can get in touch with us via phone and by screen sharing. We’ll provide onboarding for your staff members and make sure you have what you need to work more efficiently.

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