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While we were working on the system of Glasson, opticians clearly specified the direction in which they wished the product to develop. They expected an all-round software which would combine the specialist features with those closely connected with the business side of managing the store. We have met those expectations and adapted the system to your requirements.

  • Data security

    Gone are the days when all files had to be stored on the users’ hard drive. Such an approach has always been associated with a serious risk of losing all the data, often collected for years, as a result of failure of the equipment or virus infection. Glasson is a cloud software, which is free from any such threats. Complicated calculations are made by potent servers of the application, which in turn means that the speed of the equipment in your store is no longer important.

  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act

    Glasson makes sure that nobody unauthorized may have access to the data stored in the system. We guarantee their safety and protection against any loss or theft. The history of changes in the clients’ cards, consent forms, privacy policy, permanent removal of a client from the system, customer’s data erasure – Glasson makes it possible for you to manage and attend to your clients in accordance with the new provisions of Data Protection Act.

  • Do you run a chain of optical stores?

    We have good news for you – in Glasson, you may switch to any of your chain stores in a nick of time. The chain is based on a shared database of clients and products, and each store has access to the information related to the quantity of products in the stock in the whole chain. This enables you to easily find and transfer products between the stores.

System is constantly changing

These are our users who create Glasson and thanks to them the system contains all the features that make it easier to manage your optical store and help us to make it even better. Our mission is to provide the best system for managing the optical store.

  • Employees and their authorisation

    Advanced management of the employees’ authorisation means that the time when you had to restrict yourself to the choice between the basic and administrator’s rights is finally over. Glasson offers you a panel to grant your employees a specific scope of authorisation, depending on your own preferences. Only you decide which information in the system your personnel has access to.

  • Database of services

    In Glasson, you create the services yourself, by naming them, setting the price and the VAT amount, and specifying their duration. The so-defined services will be later included in the client’s order, and they may entail such elements as the cost of work, repair or eye examination. As a result, you get a system for optical business, which understands and can do more than any other.

  • Technical support

    If needs be, we offer technical assistance to dispel any doubts and answer all your questions. As part of their induction to Glasson, we will also train your employees free of charge. The assistance is offered by telephone and by means of screen sharing. This ensures an immediate interaction and guarantees that both parties see the same on the monitor.

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