Enter the data from the prescription…

Start searching the database of lenses without any catalogue or assistance of the manufacturer’s help desk. It’s simple and fast. Just enter the data from the prescription and don’t worry about the rest as all will be taken care of.

The impossible is possible

Searching the collection of 3.5mln variants of lenses and choosing the right ones in less than it takes to say the word “lens”? This is how Glasson works. We would like to present you with an advanced search engine which can turn you into an expert on the opticians’ market.

Features loved by clients

Creating Glasson, by the look of things, we attempted the impossible. We wanted to equip each optician with an application which could search for lenses in no time and on the level available to their manufacturer only; an application which would be a well-rounded programme to manage the client database, facilitating the stock sale and informing the client when the glasses are ready, and you know what? We have made it. Discover the big potential hidden in the 4 main features.

Try for 7 days free of charge

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