Effortless, Fast, And Simple

Running an optical salon is not an easy feat. You need an optician software that streamlines your daily operations. All the while enhancing your services, both – quantity as well as quantity. Glasson is an Eye Care Software that is incredibly intuitive to use. You will find the right lenses for your every single client.

That too, WITHOUT any help from the manufacturer. This optical software:

  • Is quick and exceptionally easy to use
  • Utilizes an Intelligent search engine
  • Searches a vast database
  • Returns customized result

A Complete System

An eye care software is more than just finding the right lens, especially when you have to run an entire business. Glasson is a comprehensive and complete optometry practice management software. It is a one-stop hub that offers: Having everything you need to run your optical salon, intuitively organized in a single place will

  • not only speed up your service time but also
  • make running an entire optical salon business feel like a walk in the park,
  • all the while maintaining an exceptional quality that your customers Love.

Glasson Is A Software For Opticians That Lets You:

Access To Vast Database

Find the right lenses from a database of over 3.5 million variant for evidence-base guaranteed results.

Centralized Client Management

Access your clients' data, send invoices, schedule appointments, and send automated as well as customized text messages.

Tailor-Made Results

Leverage the intelligent search engine of the optometry software to access precise, fact-based, and speedy results.

Your Competitive Advantage

Gain an edge with an intuitive eye care software to Skyrocket services and quality, and boosted brand image and profits.

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